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Reality-focused writings, often on history, politics, and human flourishing in the post-liberal future.

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From 2018, through the lens of a classic work of applied politics, thoughts on coups (which have not happened, nor did I predict them), and on social media's role in enforcing global rule of the Left ...
April 5, 2021
René Girard's exposition of the mechanisms of societal violence.  Deeply insightful, and with potent lessons for the present moment. (The written version of this review can be found here.)
March 30, 2021
Phillip Bobbitt's interpretation of Machiavelli's world view and attempted synthesis of his works, along with the unlikely use of Machiavelli to claim virtue for the the modern neoliberal, consumerist...
March 27, 2021
On one of the seminal events of modern history, the January 6, 2021 Electoral Justice Protest—and of the friend/enemy distinction, and of what flows from it. (The written version of this analysis can ...
March 23, 2021
On a classic introductory work on Eastern Orthodoxy, with thoughts on Orthodoxy's relation to the West, especially the Crusades, and to the modern Turks. (The written version of this review was first ...
March 17, 2021
From 2018, but both my core predictions here, that history will return (even if it returned in 2020 as clown show), and that the deplatforming of conservatives from social media was just beginning, ha...
March 13, 2021
An examination of the pernicious ideology of feminism, and of what can and should be done to combat it by future rulers. (The written version of this review can be found here.)
March 10, 2021
Of Australia, Australian cultural politics, and the ludicrous racial-religious cult surrounding Australia's first inhabitants.  (The written version of this review can be found here.)
March 3, 2021
A hugely erudite work of historiography, in my thoughts about which I also explain my admiration for Hernán Cortes, man of glory and contradiction, and what is necessary for a restoration of Western a...
February 26, 2021
A discussion of the tyranny under which we now live, combined with thoughts on what to do about it, primarily through the lens of analyzing the CDC's orders on evictions and masks, along with the prop...
February 23, 2021

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